2 April 2016




Manifesto of the WOHNENplus

How we do want to live in the future.

1. In the future we want to share. We want to share resources, to share space, to share living.
2. This can have an architectural and social translation, an idea of living.
3. Sharing needs a place where it can happen; a place with dynamic qualities, rather than static ones: a path. The place should be connected with a flux, the one of generated by people living there and the ones living in the city.
4. The place is part of the city and the city is part of the place.
5. Every surface, generated by the place, is for the people of the place and of the city.
6. The public and the community life and the private sphere coexist.
In the future we want to live this way. This will be the Plus of the future.

Technische Universität Berlin, Professor Claus Steffan, 2012

In collaboration with Mattis Krebs and Gesa Schatte