Top-floor renovation in Berlin Mitte//Creutzfeldt
5 April 2016

The client asked for the renovation of this top-floor located in Mitte, in a building listed on a historic register.

So far was the top-floor unused for living purposes and the client wanted to turn it into two apartments, with roof terraces and an elevator.

The project had to be approved by the Housing office of the quarter of Mitte, considering the historical features and according to the neighborhood approval for the trasformation.The shape of the roof remains untouched.

Goal of this project is to create high-qualitative living spaces in the middle of the city, improving the facilities of the building, respecting the historical nature of the context and adding a surplus value to the result.

Design Architekturbüro Creutzfeldt

Design team Magnus Creutzfeldt, Margherita Bilato (Projektleitung intern)

(© Architekturbüro Creutzfeldt)

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